Welcome to kala fashion!


We founded this label in Berlin in 2007 with the strong belief that no matter what you do and where you go you can always wear a dress. Our mission: find the right dress for every woman. Today we have many retailer stores in Germany and internationally where you can find our clothing. It has been a real exciting journey together and continues on to challenge us in design, production and distribution every day in the best ways possible.

Fashion has never been as free and available to everyone as it is today. A 70 year old can wear the same outfit as a 28 year old and looks just as well. We think that’s amazing! True attractiveness and beauty doesn’t know age nor should it last only one season. With new ways of styling and variations you can easily combine KALA dresses to new outfits.

One dress, many possibilities

Our business and daytime clothing can be combined with one another really well due to our timeless cuts. A few individual pieces are enough to switch between looks and change it up every now and then – whether at the office, for special occasions or simply during the day. This way your wardrobe will stay up to date at all times, suit every occasion and not fall into the “boring” category any time soon!

It is our goal to design and create dresses you can wear many years to come which will still be stylish by then! One dress can be worn with a classic blazer to the office and with sneakers and a fashionable daytime jacket in your free time.



Human to human: We highly value personal communication!

A personal and kind touch when interacting with each other and our customers belongs to one of our top priorities at KALA Fashion. The rapid digitalization and shift to online shopping has influenced the modern day-to-day business. But it does not change our strong belief that communication should still be based on “human to human”.

Our office has never been simply an office. The synergy of our very own showroom, office spaces and pop up store in the same old listed townhouse has established great character of a work place, located right in the urban heart of Berlin. To maintain the personal and direct contact with our lovely KALA customers, we have decided to open the doors to our 170m2 headquarter in Berlin every Saturday as a store for shopping. Only on Saturdays from 12 to 8pm. Being so close to our customers we’ve experienced a lot of positive feedback, regularly draw inspiration and ideas from the personal interactions and incorporate this into the design process for upcoming collections.

We want to start a conversation! Our spacious showroom in our Berlin headquarters has always had a special saloon character where we regularly host events, meet many incredible women in the fields of art, economy and politics and want to open space for discussions! What better place to do so than in the center of roaring Berlin?



Sustainability in design and distribution 

Style and sustainability should complement each other, not exclude. Our collections can always be combined an worn in various seasons.

The rapid growth of online shopping has multiplied the use of packaging materials in the last years. Plastic consumption has therefore become one of the biggest challenges of this industry today. To furthermore approach sustainability, packing materials have to be handled in a way more environment-sparing and rational manner in the future.

We go to great efforts to use plastic as little as possible already. The shipments to our retailers have been designed plastic free by now, tissue paper works as an alternative in this manner!

Protecting our elegant dresses, esthetically packaging them and at the same time acting sustainably has brought us to one of the biggest challenges in the online shopping business today. Fundamentally we believe it would be a starting point to use less plastic in the first place and especially reuse packaging more than once.

When ordering in our online shop, customers can individually decide whether or not they would like their order to be shipped in a previously used cardboard box. We see this as a first self-initiated step towards sustainability and raising awareness among all parties involved! By simply reusing previously shipped cartons we are saving natural resources sustainably together and putting them to use efficiently and consciously. As a thank you we’re offering all our customers free shipping and hope to drive our consciousness towards sustainability together!